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Does anyone have any details? There claim department is horrible and I would like to see if there are other owners out there that have had horrible experiences renting out their car?

I do not have 100 words to write besides this company reeks of potential law-suits. I have found some on the renter side, but not on the owner side yet. That is our personal-private property that Turo revenues $360M on.

The act as a fake insurance company and set up a Captive to pour their profits in and not pay out PD claims. Please do your research as these pretentious criminals will get you.

Review about: Turo Car Rental.

Reason of review: Claims.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I would like to sue this company. I have the means to do so. Please contact me if you'd like to participate.


I have been denied twice and my windshield has been chipped twice. Also had floor mats destroyed and other issues but Turo could care less.

After the first denial I asked if I needed to take 200 pretrip photos getting a close up every single area of the car.

I was literally told no, they had the tech to look at photos. Not my second claim with new damage is being denied because the pre-trip photos are not close ups and cannot show the damage was not pre-existing.


Yes I’m am In middle of an insurance claim the estimate u got from them was way off by the thousand and they don’t want to pay for a lot of the damage beside that I would love to know how you went about it


I have an issue that they are not paying me for over mileage, did you resolve yours?


Hi, I'm not a car owner, but a car renter who was badly hurt for being honest about the damage in my care. Owner of the car sent the repair in for $620, and Turo came back and demanded I paid their estimate of $1654. They sent my account to collections when I refused to pay up.

to Daphne #1531052

Whatever happened I am in a similar situation myself. Were you able to settle for a reasonable amount I am in collections currently and not wanting to pay.

to Daphne #1546674

How did they send you to collection? Don’t they just bill your credit card? I’m trying to figure out how to stop that.

to Daphne #1546676

Turo sent me an estimate of $2500 for a new windshield cuz it had a little crack which I repaired.

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