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I was trying to get an approval from TURO so that I can rent a car for my vacation.

I emailed the support team my (non-temporary) valid California Driver license, along with a picture of myself holding it. I'm 25 with CLEAN traffic record (Not a single speeding ticket nor DUI) as well as ZERO criminal record. Thus, I have full fill all the requirements stated on their website. GUESS WHAT, I got declined.

I emailed back and ask for an explanation and they refused to release the detail of their decision.

I honestly feel disrespected as of how in the world am I not qualify for a car rental service when I have provided all the required information aside from my clean record.

TURO seriously needed to update their screening process because it is absolutely outrageous and flawed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Turo Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Turo sucks they are racist and the company needs a new review process like the above there was no reason for a decline of useage of services especially since any other rental company will rent to me without a hitch.


Turo SUCKS. I've tried renting multiple times, and I get denied every time without explanation.

I have decent-good credit (good enough to have a loan through BMW), a clean driving history, good insurance, and a credit based insurance score of 800. Also, at 42 years old I have NEVER made an insurance claim of any kind, so seriously WTF?


same here, but I probably know why they decline. I got a DUI and bad record driving.

Also, I created multiple accounts to have the $25 coupon discount more than once.it's okay though. I;m glad they denied it.

I'm going to save a lot of money by not renting cars and I'm going to use the money that I save to maintain my car in good conditions to drive long distances.I realized that a lot of people think that driving cars for long distances damages your car, but it doesn't. your car gets more damage by driving it on the city.


Same here and when I asked why they said they are not obligated to release and details. I'm not sure what to even think.


so I have rented cars before from turn and owners never had a problem with me the car will come back clean and better then what they dropped it off has. I had owners even gave me and my husband great reviews.

until now were getting married so we wanted a nice luxury car to rent until we got a error when trying to reserve the car. we already had got verified so we were confused of why there were asking us again for our license n etc. so we submit documents once again. we get a email saying we both got declined ?!

but wanted me to submit documents like MY PERSONAL PASSPORT , BILLS AND EVEN MY TAXES!!!!! what type of scamming company needs those personal stuff to verify you when you already took a pictures next to your own face with your license and card?? only scamming companies that are wanting to sell your info . I had even gave them the benefit and uploaded the rest of the documents they wanted to be still denied!!!

makes 0 sense this people needs to be shut down and won't disclose anything of why I got denied !! its all a scam do not trust turo if anyone has been a victim to them please contact me this people need to be shut down I even got scammed outside the website and they never reported or shut down the guy posting cars on it !

Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #1185155

Same thing happened to me, they are rude when you ask them why?

I am a 50 year old professional man!!

Stay away from Turo!!!!!


Report them to the BEtter business bureau they have to give you a explanation. They did the same to me

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