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Turo customer service rep emailed me about over mileage fee.

I paid the fee, but I was a little upset about it. I wrote the rep and said I would not be renting cars for a while.

The rep put me in the Turo review department and they made me send them a kinds of extra information including mu LinkedIn profile.

After reviewing me they said I could no longer rent through Turo. I asked why but they would not give a reason. But after doing some research I found out they do this to a lot of Trump supporter.

How does a company pick and choose who can and can't use a service. Total BS

Product or Service Mentioned: Turo Customer Care.

Reason of review: Will not rent to Trump supporters!.

Preferred solution: Allow me to rent cars again!! I did nothing Wrong!!.

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And of course you failed to share this "research" of yours. This most likely had zero to do with your voting habits and more with your big mouth habits.

There first tip off probably has something to do with your your communications with them in the first place. I reckon they figured you were some kind of nut. The kind they don't want to trade with. Please feel free to share the research.

Right wing nut message board comments do not count by the way. Let's see a real news story.

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