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Owners be cautious. I had 5 cars being rented out on Turo.

It was smooth at first. Until 5 months later all the abuse on the cars started showing up. It was that or coincidently bad luck. But I don't believe in bad luck, all bad things that can happen will happen - it is just a matter of time.

The worst experience was with my Scion. A couple rented it on vacation. The car had prior bumper damage but I had fixed it and pointed out the imperfections to them. They accepted it like it was no big deal.

Three days later I get notice from Turo that my car is being towed to shop. The traveler made no effort to contact or work with me. I was trying to figure out what happened. Turns out the fender liner came loose and started to drag n make noise.

The couple blame it my pre-existing condition. However, the 3rd party mechanic said it was "new damage" and likely from a road hazard. FYI, previous renter had it for a week with no problems. Even worst the car was 1.5 hour away and they did not care to drive it back.

I had to pay to get the car back. Turo did not step in and make the traveler pay and said I should try to settle with Traveler. Instead they looked into the car title history, which is late and after the fact, and said my car is salvage title and can not help me. Actually it is Rebuilt title and Turo make do clarification on that at the beginning of the listing process.

Total out of pocket cost for me was $450 and that was below the damage claim threshold anyway. Even though it was not the most costly, the fact that Turo took side of traveler and did not help or reimburse me - really disappoints me. Furthermore, one of my car kept breaking down, I had to keep repairing it to make sure the renters are not getting an unreliable car. Travelers will put about 25,000 miles a year.

One of the car got into an accident, and to make it worst the uninsured bicyclist was at fault and I had the basic Turo coverage. That is basically a $3,000 deductible. I am still fighting tooth and nail to get supplements that the shop submitted. Lesson learn: get the Premium coverage - but that is a 35% loss to Turo commission.

Can you really make money if you are paying for all the maintenance n repairs!? One of my car had brake pad wear sensor damage - the wire was ripped off. I couldn't convince Turo to get Traveler to pay for it even though I had pics of the damage and shop invoice.

The traveler on text even admit to that part. But I be honest, this is great app for Travlers/renters.

Review about: Turo Scion Car Rental.

Reason of review: does not protect owner.

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