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Turo is a joke and anyone who considers using the service should beware! Turo is using racially discriminate practices which is why they ask for additional info such as photo or drivers license info. If you have been discriminated against please follow this post for more information on a pending Class Action Law suite against Turo. My unfortunate experience went as followed after being notified by several others who have had similar experiences in the Atlanta area with Turo.


Turo has carefully reviewed your application and has made the final decision to not move forward with your membership. Turo does not release the details of these decisions, due to their proprietary nature.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may present.

Best Regards,

Turo Verification Team


Hello Kriscelle,

I got your email and I'm at a bit of a loss to what application information you reviewed that would have provided any information about me other than my name address and telephone number? I did provide you a copy of my drivers licence but beyond that, what information was used to make a determination about if I have the ability to rent a car through your service. I have rented cars from various major rental companies with no issues for years. I'm a home owner and work for Fortune 500 company making above average salary, so I'm a bit curious to what prompted this decision. Please let me know if you did any type of credit check, using any of my information so that I can confirm its accuracy. Also I would like to know specifics to what information you obtained or used to make a decision.

Best Regards,


Kriscelle Wilson (Turo Support)

Jul 15, 16:01 PDT


This final decision has been carefully reviewed. We are not obligated to release the details of these decisions.

Please note that further communications from you will be read, but not responded to.

Best Regards,

Turo Verification Team


Dear Turo

Please remove all my info from your service and email contact moving forward I don't care to have any further communication with or from your company. I will also be contacting the U.S. Better Business service to report a complaint along with possible discrimination practices being used by your company.

Best Regards,


Precious Buenaventura (Turo Support)

Jul 15, 19:20 PDT

Thank you, for contacting Turo!

When you created your account you agreed to our Privacy Policy, which states we reserve the right to store your information for a reasonable period of time. Internally, this means for tax and auditing purposes we need to store your information for a certain length of time. Turo does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. We will not share the personal information we collect from you through the marketplace with third parties, except as described in the Privacy Policy.

Thus, while your account has been closed to the best of our ability, the information has not been deleted at this point in time.

I encourage you to read our Privacy Policy if you have more questions or concerns about this.

Best Regards,


Turo Verification Team

Reason of review: Company uses questionable business practices. .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Demeanor, Lack of logic, Terrible customer service, Unable to speak to customer service.

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Beware that turo racially profiled. I am over the age of 25 with no accident history and have a credit score of over 760.

Turo went through a process where they had me submit a picture of my face. Shortly after, I was denied all services.


They've done literally the same thing to me I've emailed them called chat support everything there is no reason why I shouldn't be approved I'm clean on every aspect I also rent from Enterprise with 0 problems literally. How I can be apart of this class law action they seem to not be able to clarify why they've denied me AFTER booking a vehicle.


I rented from turo for a little over a year almost weekly and then was deactivated after submitting everything they asked for i am also black they refused to give me an explanation I have over 30 5 star views from renters im confused


They deactivated my account exactly 5 minutes after dropping their car off and I got the same message from their support team. They definitely are racist.


Wow! I had a bad experience too.

This business should be removed. Terrible customer service and they took my money without giving me a car and shut my account! These people are thieves and getting away with it because there is no point of contact.

They only respond to emails if they feel like it. This can not be legal.


Haha. Turo has a specific race requirement. If you can pass the paper bag test, you're approved.

Miami, Florida, United States #1347540

The same thing happened to me as well. Only reason I can come up with is race. I never really experience rascism being that I'm from Miami but this situation reeks of racial discrimination.

Westfield, New Jersey, United States #1309084

You're whining about race is what's wrong with a significant portion of this country. You're a black woman who's application was rejected; not a woman who's application was rejected because she is black. Do you see the distinction?

Dallas, Texas, United States #1209844

I am an black woman and Turo accepted my application. The only discrimination that I will see with the company is the owners of the cars. They might not approve the use of their vehicle.

to Anonymous East Orange, New Jersey, United States #1216246

Your 100% correct who can I speak to if this happened to me because there's no one to contact ?

to Anonymous Swoope, Virginia, United States #1347536

Same exact treatment is happening to me. I feel as if it's a race thing as well.

to Anonymous #1512946

I know for a fact you are not black. You are probably someone from Turo lying your *** off due to the tons of bad reviews. Try again!

Cypress, Texas, United States #1199851

If you were involved in any accident or have had any type of claims on your insurance, or if a claim is in any way tied back to you, you better believe you will be denied. Racial profiling.


Whatever. I bet I know your race.

to Anonymous #1340660

It's the Consumers right to report a company which has questionable business practices. If the company disclosed the reson for denial, there would no need to pursue the matter.

Btw Please Bet We Know You Are A ***!

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