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I Attempted to rent a car with the car sharing service Turo. I received messages and confirmation of my being an approved drive and I was told to go rent the car that i wanted.

When I attempted to do so, I received a message saying that I am not eligible: my driving record is perfect with no accidents or claims. Their so called auto insurance score has nothing to do with my safe driving record. They are just a very bad company and so is Liberty mutual auto insurance.

Turo approved me and then arbitrarily decided not to rent to me. This happened after I posted my picture: I know that what did here was blatant discrimination by Turo on the basis of skin color.

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This exact thing happened to me!! If it is discrimination I am wondering what the *** they are discriminating me for....So annoying.

I went to log in and my accounts were deactivated. I hate this so called "business"....They said I was unable to rent because of my "auto insurance score" yet, I have a good score!!!!???


Same thing happened to me!

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